The perfect fluid sealing upon filling and packaging can prevent air from entering the package (oxidation-, mold-, and deterioration-resistant). The product can be formed with its thickness adjusted during the filling/packaging process, so the efficiency of the production line is greatly improved. The possibility to acquire the new market will be expanded just by switching the package of the existing products to the "EPACK".

R-Line Cutter

R-Line Cutter is the apparatus attachable to the Komack stick-packaging machine, which cuts the corners of the product into a round (R) shape. The rounded corners improve the safety in use and prevent packages from getting pierced by each other. The R-cut of the corners and the cutting are done at the same time, so the waste from the cutting can be reduced. The R-Line Cutter can be used without changing your currently used packaging design.

Leak Tester

Having trouble with pinhole or seal leakage when filling powder in sachets? We have a solution!! The leak tester is now upgraded to suit sanitary packaging quality!! We are now proudly offering this easy-to-use in the packaging site and movable-as-needed <Leak Tester> for you!


Filling at ordinary Temperature Boiling Cooling Dehydrating Collecting & Packaging
Before, the product is hot-packed, kept warm and then cooled down. It is now filled at ordinary temperature, boiled and cooled down. With a kind of such cooking function, it is now being applied to wider variety of products.