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Automatic Liquid/Paste Packaging Machine KCL-1000


This machine is automatic packaging machine for liquid and paste.
We succeeded in cutting cost and downsizing with simple structure.
We improved the operation and maintenance to simplify it.
In addition, it is general-purpose. So, you can use it for various products.

Standard Specifications

Filling material liquid and paste
Pouch pattern 3-side seal, 4-side seal
Packaging capacity 20-300 pouches/min.
Filling volume 1-100cc
  * Weighing range of filling volume depends on the filling material and feeder.
Product dimension Width 25-100mm
Length 2 wings 120-210mm
3 wings 80-150mm
4 wings 60-110mm
6 wings 40-75mm
* Variable range is limited by horizontal seal wings.
* It may be different by number of horizontal seal width.
Film Width 50-200mm
Diameter φ400mm (Max.)
Speed 15m/min. (Max.)
  * Actual packaging speed depends on the product pitch, film quality and filling materials.
Power source 3-phase 380V, 6.0KW
Machine dimension 1,210mm (W) × 960mm (L) × 2,020mm (H)
Machine weight Approx. 500kg

1. The packaging capacity, filling volume and the package size may vary by the selected options. Please contact us for details.
2. The range of the length of the bag may vary by the width of the side seal.
3. The actual filling speed may vary by the film material and the property of the filling material.
4. The range of the filling volume is determined by the “viscosity of the filling material” and the “feeding pump”. Please feel free to consult with us.
5. The total power may vary by the specifications of the pump and other optional equipments.

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