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R-Line Cutter is the apparatus attachable to the Komac stick-packaging machine, which cuts the corners of the product into a round (R) shape.
The rounded corners improve the safety in use and prevent packages from getting pierced by each other.
The R-cut of the corners and the cutting are done at the same time, so the waste from the cutting can be reduced. The R-Line Cutter can be used without changing your currently used packaging design.
The stick-package with the distinguished design can assist you to develop a new product.
Human-friendly universal design with the four rounded corners.
The roll of the film in use can be continuously used without a change in design.

[Use Application]
Suitable for powder/granule products.
- Health food, diet food, flavoring material, diary product, tea leaf.
For more information about filling and processing, please contact:
DNP housou Co., Ltd.
2-10-25 Akabane-Minami, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 115-0044, Japan
Sales Department TEL: 03-3903-8913
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