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ERL-1300 SS-550

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Simple product filling and packaging machine (liquid or powder)


There are various special features of compact size and easy to use. Basic operation is only "pressing the button"!

Product quantity is small therefore filling materials are unable to be filled into the small sachet.
There are wide varieties of filling materials but these products quantity is small used up soon.
Original seasoning would like to be filled and packaged small and using quantity in the every day.
Products would like to be distributed only using quantity per a day each store.

"Professional filling and packaging machine is not needed but is there anything that is easy to use and inexpensive packaging machine?" We can skillfully meet your needs!
We are manufacturing the compact and easy to use product filling and packaging machine!

Standard Specifications

Pouch pattern 3-side seal
Packaging capacity 1-30 pouches/min (When 80mm pitch)
  * Actual packaging speed depends on the product pitch, film quality and filling materials.
Pitch Variable range 50-100mm
Film Maximum 500m per 1roll
Power source Single phase 100V, 1.2KW
  * The power source depends on the filling pump and selecting the other options.
Air consumption  0.5MPa
Machine dimension 448mm (W) × 578mm (L) × 843mm (H)
Machine weight Approx. 65kg

Standard Specifications of the device for liquid

Filling material Liquid, paste(Only intermittently filling)
Filling volume 1-20cc
  * Weighing range of filling volume depends on the filling material and feeder.
Measurement method Plunger pump(CV10, CV20, RV10, RV20,
Please select 4types.), tube pump, or natural falling method
Product width variable range 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm(Please select 4types.)

Standard Specifications of the device for powder

Filling material Powder(Granule or good Fluidity powder)
Filling volume 3-14cc, 10-25cc(Please select 2types.)
  * Weighing range of filling volume depends on the filling material and feeder.
Measurement method Slide measurement method
Product width variable range 30mm, 60mm(Please select 2types.)

1. The packaging capacity, filling volume and the package size may vary by the selected options. Please contact us for details.
2. The actual filling speed may vary by the film material and the property of the filling material.
3. The range of the filling volume is determined by the “viscosity of the filling material” and the “feeding pump”. Please feel free to consult with us.
4. The total power may vary by the specifications of the pump and other optional equipments.

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